New Year’s Resolutions

We all have them, whether boldly stated, quietly muttered, or secretly pondered– resolutions for what we will (or will not) do or accomplish in the New Year.  Resolutions are easy to make, but not so easy to keep.  Still, recognizing that a change is desired or necessary, and being open to that change, is a great start.

Thoughts from the EC artists

Be reasonable

The two big resolutions are “I’m going to lose weight,” and “I’m going to quit smoking”.  Both of these are really hard to keep, because they rely on you changing habits and combating addictions.  Being really hard to keep doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the resolution, but you should keep in mind what you’re dealing with.

One artist suggested that somebody might decide to stop burping.  But EC artist Sofia pointed out, “It’s gas. Just gas. Everyone gets gas.”  Hilda agreed, “Yeah. That would be like saying you’re never going to fart.”  So, rather than trying to fight your natural body functions, it may be more reasonable to say that you will be more polite when you burp—remembering to cover your mouth and say “excuse me”.

Instead of making a resolution really broad, like “I’m going to get healthy,” try to be more specific.  Maybe you want to eat healthier.  Maybe you want to get stronger, physically.  Maybe you want to feel better about yourself, emotionally.

Don’t give up

Sometimes, we quit when we have setbacks.  Everyone will slide a little bit when they’re climbing up a hill.  The steeper it is, the harder it will be, and the more you may slide back.  It’s okay.  Give yourself permission to forget about your setbacks.  Just keep climbing.

Shirley suggested "Drink more water... You could drink water instead of soda."
Shirley suggested “Drink more water… You could drink water instead of soda… I drink a lot of water, but I drink soda, too… I drink both.”

A resolution is a promise you make to yourself; not others.

Setbacks might be even more difficult to deal with if your resolution wasn’t really your goal.  If it was a promise you made to someone else, the pressure is really on you.  And if you know that person is watching your progress, it can be harder to let go of your mistakes and keep moving on up the hill.  An example one artist gave was someone who promises to someone they love that they won’t drink alcohol anymore.  They might do well for a while, and then they might slip up.  If they can’t forgive themselves for slipping, because they feel guilty, they might stop climbing.

Resolutions don’t have to be so serious

Resolutions could be simple and fun, too!  Maybe you want to improve your batting average, or learn to whistle with your fingers.  Maybe you want to wear hats more often or watch more sunsets or throw a piece of popcorn in the air and catch it in your mouth.

Hilda and Calixta suggest that "Sharing time with friends" is a great New Year's resolution.
Hilda and Calixta (watching a video on Hilda’s phone) suggest that “Sharing time with friends” is a great New Year’s resolution.

That’s your opinion

Whatever your resolution is, don’t let other people’s opinions get in the way.  Some people might say that some of the resolutions we mentioned are “just good manners” or things we “should be doing anyways.”  They might even call them “stupid” or “silly.”  Those are judgments.  Each of us makes resolutions to focus on something special for ourselves.  We’re all different.  Having a resolution to fit into a smaller pair of jeans may be a good resolution for one person, but a really unhappy resolution for someone who doesn’t care about jeans… and feels like…they should spend more time playing with their dog.

Happy New Year!

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