PROJECT STUDIO EC Artists and Performing Arts Instructors work collaboratively on a project. Projects are Theatre or Music related, some are renditions of already existing performance and some are originals written by the EC Artists with support from Performing Arts Instructors. Some of our previous projects can be seen on youtube, click below to see our video projects.

STAGE CRAFT WORKSHOPS focus on the work done behind the scenes of performances. The EC Artists work on multiple projects related to designing and building stage sets + props, designing and applying costumes + makeup. Performing Arts Instructors provide support and instruction on stage craft. Some of our previous workshops include Mask Making, Stage Makeup, Costume Building, Props, Directing, Filming, Lighting and Writing.

PERFORMANCE ARTS WORKSHOPS focus on specific skills related to acting and performing. The Performing Arts Instructor provides mentoring on a specific skill and the EC Artists work individually or in group to practice. Some of our previous workshops include Stage Combat, Expressing Emotions, Stage Blocking, Tragedy Acting, Reenacting Famous Scenes, Improv and Stand-Up Comedy.

DANCE WORKSHOP Artist learn and practice new dances with briefs in history.

Previous Dance Workshops include: Dance, Latin Dancing; Cumbia, Merengue + Punta and Intro to Choreography.

VOCAL STUDIO EC Artist select a vocal piece individually to work on for 13-weeks, it may be a song, a poem, a rant or a monologue.

VOCAL WORKSHOP The EC Artists receive instruction in using the voice as an instrument during vocal workshops. Previous Vocal Workshops include Belting, Crooning, Chorale, Acapella and Expressive Singing.