Program Supervisor

The Enrichment Center Program Supervisor manages the day-to-day operations of the program, ensuring that each program day provides our clients with a safe, enjoyable, high quality experience. The position supervises a small team of direct care staff (DCS), including instructors, contracted artists, and interns, and is the primary point of communication between the program and clients, caregivers, and the Regional Center.

For a complete description of the position, requirements, qualifications, and how to apply, click here.

Please follow the instructions. Doing so tells us that you have great attention to detail.  If you have a question about whether your experience qualifies, you may call or email. (Don’t leave a comment on the website. We rarely look at those.)

If, for some reason, you cannot apply by email, you may drop off your resume and cover letter in person. However, all of our communication will be by email.

The EC doesn’t have an HR department. Everything goes to the Program Director. Once you’ve submitted your resume and cover letter, the Program Director will respond via email (make sure the email you use to apply is one you check regularly). Give her a couple of days to respond. If she hasn’t responded after a week, feel free to follow up to see that your email was received.

In the email confirming receipt of your resume and cover letter, the Program Director will include next steps, an anticipated time table for selected applicants, and other information. Once you’ve received the confirmation email, regardless of what your friends and family tell you, please do NOT call, email, or drop-in to check on the status of your application. We know it’s recommended, and probably seems conscientious. For us, it’s not.

Be patient. We’re not ignoring you. We’re just busy.




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