There are many ways to support the Enrichment Center.

Obviously, we would be gloriously happy to take your cash donations, but we’re equally happy to receive support in other ways—supplies, expertise, time, and all around good vibrations.  Contact the EC office to set something up!

Supplies:  You might think that donating painting supplies is the best gift an art program could receive, but the truth is that every artist is working on a different project in various media.  Though slightly boring, the supplies that we ALWAYS need include

  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Painters tape
  • Disinfecting wipes (the kind you use to clean surfaces)
  • Hand lotion (all that handwashing leads to dry hands)
  • Facial tissue (Central Valley allergies are horrendous!)

Expertise:  If you have expertise and/or experience in a particular area of the arts, and you’re willing to donate an hour or so as a Guest Artist, that could really benefit the artists.  Examples:

Demonstrations, explaining your steps and methods:

Playing an instrument

Testimonials / Storytelling:   Talking about your career as an artist—what you love about your craft, your ups and downs, inspirations, etc.

Instruction:  Teaching a workshop in a specific technique or craft

Time:  Volunteering your time to help us with an event would be great.  Volunteering in the studio is complicated, because the EC has to follow the regulations from two separate State Departments (Social Services and Developmental Services).  Volunteering your time outside of the classroom isn’t regulated, and can be super-helpful, especially when we want to participate in an event.

Good Vibrations:   Yes, this is a bona fide category of support. This is where you interact with the program on social media, support the artists by buying their art (70% of every sale goes to the artist), or remember us and speak of us fondly.  You know how sometimes you meet up with people and there’s a lull in the conversation?  Or that point where someone asks you, “So what’s new with you?”  That’s an awesome time to support the EC with your good vibrations.  Examples:

  • “Did you know that there’s a place in Downtown Merced, devoted to artists with developmental disabilities? It’s called the Enrichment Center…”
  • “Have you ever heard of the Enrichment Center? It’s this place for artists with disabilities, on Main Street in the Arts Center…”
  • “I saw this awesome video on YouTube. It was a music video for Halloween, made by these artists with disabilities. It’s from a program called the Enrichment Center. I watched it like three times…”
  • “I bought all of this painter’s tape and then decided on wallpaper. And I was like, ‘What am I gonna do with all this tape?’  And then I was like, ‘Duh, I’ll donate it to the Enrichment Center!’  Oh my gosh, those people are so cool!”


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