The Enrichment Center provides a group of Studio/Practice classes and Lessons. Artists direct and make decisions about their own work, with support from staff in Studio/Practice classes.  During Lessons, teaching staff plan and provide instruction, offering new concepts, methods, and ways of working, which the artists can use during their studio classes.

Current Schedule:

EC Program Schedule - Fall/Winter 2015/2016

PDF:  EC Program Schedule – FallWinter 2015/2016

A client enrolled full time will have a full schedule of lessons in every component, with 2 and a 1/2 days of studio/practice time.

For example, if an artist… we’ll call him Pablo…  is in Group A, he will have a studio class on Monday morning and afternoon, a Theatre Arts lesson on Tuesday morning, a practice class in Performance on Tuesday afternoon, another studio class on Wednesday morning and afternoon, a Music History/Appreciation lesson on Thursday morning, a Visual Arts lesson on Thursday afternoon, a Clay/Ceramic Arts lesson on Friday morning, and a Digital Arts lesson on Friday afternoon…. Pablo is now fully engaged in arts practice and learning 15 hours a week.

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