• New Year’s Resolutions

    We all have them, whether boldly stated, quietly muttered, or secretly pondered– resolutions for what we will (or will not) do or accomplish in the New Year.  Resolutions are easy to make, but not so easy to keep.  Still, recognizing that a change is desired or necessary, and being open to that change, is a…

  • Halloween Movie Posters

    Things are getting spooky at the Enrichment Center! As we put the finishing touches on our Halloween Special we couldn’t resist taking a moment to show off our costumes. Some are scary, some mysterious, but one thing is certain: they’re all amazing! Without further ado, here they are: the Halloween Special movie posters!

  • Friday Opinion Poll #4

    On Wednesday, April 23rd, William Shakespeare would have been 450 years old.  Happy belated birthday, Bill!  In his honor, we have dedicated today’s poll to THEATRE. Click here to take the poll.    

  • Poll #3 Results: Do Doodle that Doodle that you Doodle So Well

    Doodling is one of those things that proves that art is in the DNA– it’s a way of understanding, processing, and expressing. So what do YOU doodle when you doodle? We offered five categories in the poll, as well as an “other” category.  Respondents were allowed to tick off as many categories as appropriate.  Here…

  • The Art That Breaks Silence

    David Schwartz of We Are Lions– “A community that makes art into clothing and clothing into art. Raising money for incredible artists with and without disabilities and great organizations”– gives a TEDx talk about how imperfections great and small, whether labeled as a disability or not, are the shared traits that make us gloriously human.

  • Friday Opinion Poll #2

    Introducing the new Enrichment Center Opinion Poll. The artists are curious about other artists and art lovers. So, every Friday, we will be asking a new question. Last Friday, we asked what your canvas preferences were– pre-stretched canvas, canvas panel, or stretch-your-own.  Here is a link to today’s opinion poll, which asks about your FAVORITE…

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