Halloween Movie Posters

Things are getting spooky at the Enrichment Center!

As we put the finishing touches on our Halloween Special we couldn’t resist taking a moment to show off our costumes. Some are scary, some mysterious, but one thing is certain: they’re all amazing!

Without further ado, here they are: the Halloween Special movie posters!

10687498_10153210745423012_6269585273363192870_o 10661894_10153246150448012_5027270075501477764_o


10633200_10153210745298012_2269197991176277396_o 10452914_10153221589093012_4189930569929811539_o 1617365_10153221589078012_7894597173926543578_o 1598676_10153210745438012_3334792202879072359_o 906405_10153246150578012_9125975629661455142_o

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