• Tech: Cyborg Artist

    Neil Harbisson is a cyborg. Here, dressed in C-major, he talks about how using adaptive technology opened up his world, and allowed him to explore new paths of artistic expression. As we approach the 1-year mark of our exploration of new technology for artmaking, research, and interacting with amazing people, communities,  and resources, via the world wide web,…

  • Halloween Movie Posters

    Things are getting spooky at the Enrichment Center! As we put the finishing touches on our Halloween Special we couldn’t resist taking a moment to show off our costumes. Some are scary, some mysterious, but one thing is certain: they’re all amazing! Without further ado, here they are: the Halloween Special movie posters!

  • Enrichment Center Advice for Royal Baby George

    The EC artists followed the royal pregnancy in its final weeks, wondering when the baby would come, and if it would be a boy or girl… a king or queen. When a baby boy was born to William and Kate in July 2013, the EC artists wondered about the kind of person he would grow…

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