EC Webisodes: Hamlet

Introducing:  EC performances serialized as video webisodes.

We have two webisodes up on our YouTube channel ECArtists.  You can also find them under our GALLERIES page.  Here is one to give you a taste…

Oh, Shakespeare!

Brooding Hamlet (played by James Brizendine) is informed by his father’s ghost, the late King (played by Luiz Gomez), that his own brother (played by Hilda Cotta) killed him, married the dead king’s wife Gertrude (played by Marlen Hernandez), and made himself the new king… If you think about it, you’d probably be brooding, too.  Oh, poor Hamlet!  His emotionally delicate girlfriend Ophelia (played by Calixta Perez) goes off the deep end when her dad Polonious (played by Shirley Brizendine) is mistakenly killed while hiding behind a curtain.  (Eavesdropping is spying, and spying is dangerous.) Her dad’s killer?… Her own lover, Hamlet!… Oh, poor Ophelia!  But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. In fact, we’re getting into Act II, while we’re just presenting Act I.  So, please enjoy our first two webisodes—Act I, Scene 1 and Act I, Scenes 2-5.

What’s a Webisode?

A webisode is like a very short TV episode presented on the web… or a video version of an old-fashioned radio serial.

151208_webisodes_Hamlet_Act1 03_web

For our Hamlet Webisodes, we’ve broken each act into one (or a few) scenes for filming.  Our (awesome) Theatre Arts Teacher Colton Dennis has adapted Shakespeare’s original for the EC artists.  Video webisodes allow even more opportunities for the EC artists to participate– acting, costumes, makeup, set design, lighting, sound, recording, and editing.  Music Hx/Performance Teacher Lulu Gamez supports the EC artists with getting into their costumes and makeup, while Colton directs.

You may only see a handful of players in the scene, but there are at least a dozen more, quite literally behind the camera, preparing for their scenes, getting into costumes and makeup, handling lighting and sound equipment, and assisting Colton and Lulu with the production.

151013_video_Hamlet-Act-1_02 web 151013_video_Hamlet-Act-1_04 web 151208_webisodes_Hamlet_Act1 01_web


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