Yadira’s Dance Project

In The Studio:  Yadira Prado

EC artist Yadira Prado has been with the Enrichment Center for over ten years.  She loves music she can dance to, and has been working on this dance project performed to Shakira’s song Ojos Asi for several months.  With the help of her backup dancers, EC artists Marlen Hernandez and Jose Salgado, and the EC’s Music History/Performance Teacher Lulu Gamez, Yadira put the dance on video.

EC Webisodes: Hamlet

Introducing:  EC performances serialized as video webisodes.

We have two webisodes up on our YouTube channel ECArtists.  You can also find them under our GALLERIES page.  Here is one to give you a taste…

Oh, Shakespeare!

Brooding Hamlet (played by James Brizendine) is informed by his father’s ghost, the late King (played by Luiz Gomez), that his own brother (played by Hilda Cotta) killed him, married the dead king’s wife Gertrude (played by Marlen Hernandez), and made himself the new king… If you think about it, you’d probably be brooding, too.  Oh, poor Hamlet!  His emotionally delicate girlfriend Ophelia (played by Calixta Perez) Continue reading

Dance Like A Zombie?

August 28, 2014. Denise Saelee practices the insanely well-known zombie dance from Thriller.


Almost everyone we know has seen the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller, where funky and surprisingly agile dead people rise from their graves to rock out.

In preparation for a new performance project (tentatively titled The EC Halloween Special), the EC artists are studying the dance interlude from the music video.

Emulating a dance from video is hard enough. Emulating a dance performed by a bunch of (very robust) zombies is even more difficult. EC artist Larry Sutton pointed out, “I can’t dance like that. Look. He has big eyes. I don’t have big eyes like that.”  Fair point, Larry. Sometimes, make-up and costumes help us get into a new character. And a zombie is certainly a stretch. Larry gave it his EC-best, as did everyone else… even without the big eyes.


“Brave, but foolish,” said the Sphinx

In late May 2013, the Enrichment Center Theatre Arts component completed production of it’s “theatrical trailer” for Ed the King, a take on Oedipus Rex.  

James Brizendine………… Ed the King

Hilda Cotta………………….Tiresias, the Blind and Wise

Ivan Hernandez……………The Sphinx

Eric Thompson…………….Young Ed

Jose Miguel Castaneda…. First Man at the Sphinx / Young Ed’s Father

Richard Chavez…………… Wizard

Calixta Perez……………….Queen

Sofia Mendez……………….Ed’s son

Anna Reyna………………..Person who crowns Young Ed

and as the Starving Masses:

Juan Betancourt, Calixta Perez, Maria Chavez, Sofia Mendez, Danette Rizzonelli, Shirley Brizendine, Marlen Hernandez

Let’s Stay Together by Jose Miguel Castaneda

Let’s Stay Together by Jose Miguel Castaneda

That is a link to Jose Miguel’s song “Let’s Stay Together” on SoundCloud.com.  Back in June 2012, Jose Miguel, a lover of love, began writing a romantic, love song. In August, he wrapped it up, and recorded it with the assistance of the teacher of our Music component, Natalie Flores.  Yes, we should have posted it here much sooner, but we only now figured out how to do it. Enjoy!