In The Studio: New Projects

Business As Usual

January 2016 may be a new beginning, but it’s business as usual for the EC artists.  Our first post for 2016 is the first in a monthly series called IN THE STUDIO.  Today’s post is a slideshow of snapshots of EC artists working on new projects.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Robert Garcia is working on a poster for Disney Infinity 3.0. And this is just the sketch!

From snakes to sharks to birds of prey, Oscar Onsurez is drawn to powerful animals.  He’s starting  2016 with a new eagle portrait.  He doesn’t need a reference photo. He just needs to take off his hat!

Luiz Gomez is starting a new canvas from one of his fantastic sketches. (He’s always sketching!)  He’s got his music, his sketchbook, a pencil, and a brand new 12”x30”, 2 3/8” deep museum profile canvas. Aw yeah… what else does an artist need?

After working in his background, Jose Salgado reflects on his palette before beginning work on what is going to be an amazing multi-colored leaf.  Cannot wait!

The iPads have been an amazing addition to the art studio, and not just for digital art.  James Brizendine is adding a squirrel?… a chipmunk?… a small furry rodent of some kind, to his sketch, using a photo he found on the internet for reference.  Technology opens up a whole new world.

Denise Saelee is already thinking of Valentine’s Day, using her tablet to display reference images for a heart-themed drawing.

Antonio Perez is using an iPad to study details of Optimus Prime’s shoulder for his drawing.

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