Sgraffito Tiles

Sgraffito is a clay decoration technique involving a combination of painting with colored slip and scratching the surface of the clay.  The EC Artists’ sgraffito work began with tiles, as part of a unit in slabbing clay.  The result was a large collection of sgraffito tiles which the artists agreed would be good as coasters or trivets.  Each one is a handmade tile of approximately 4 inches square, coated with clear glaze, and backed with protective felt pads.  Sgraffito designs are unique and reflect the individual style of each artist.

When our managing organization, the Merced County Arts Council, made the announcement that they were having trouble keeping the Multicultural Arts Center going, the artists asked that we sell the tiles to raise funds to keep it open.   While the program could survive in another location, the Multicultural Arts Center has been the Enrichment Center’s home since the program began in 2000.

Our “Buy 3/Get 1 Free” holiday ornaments campaign was so successful, that we are repeating it with these tiles.  $2 each.  Buy 3/Get 1 Free ($6 for 4)

If you’re interested in purchasing sgraffito tiles, call, email or visit, Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm, or by arrangement.  We can reserve tiles for youSee our Contact page for more information.

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