Art Studio component is the foundation of the artists work.  During Art Studio the artists are planning and working on their own works, with support from Visual Arts Instructors. Artists have access to the materials to work on individual projects occasionally collaborative projects.


Clay/Ceramics: Ceramic Arts Instructor provides instruction in foundations of clay hand-building, the process of converting raw clay into ceramics via kiln firing, glazing, and elements of art history related to the lesson.  The Clay/Ceramic Arts Teacher supports EC artists working in clay (and other visual arts) during Ceramic Arts Workshops and on Fridays during Art Studio.

Digital Arts:  Digital Arts Instructor provides mentoring through navigating the world of Art and Technology, using part instruction and part studio practice. Artists wanting to sign-up for Digital Art are not required to have a tablet, the EC has tablets available for making digital art in the studio.

Visual Arts Workshop:   The Visual Arts Teaching Instructor/Intern provides instruction in new concepts, media, and methods in two-dimensional visual arts. Workshops provide demonstration and work time in a specific form of art. Some of our previous workshops have included; Print Making, Embroidery and Life Drawing.

Performing Arts Studio : EC Artists and Performing Arts Staff work collaboratively on a project. Projects from the past have been rehearsal projects, video projects, musical, scripted plays, dance, live talk shows and a telenovela written by the EC Artists.

Theatre Arts Workshops The Theatre Arts Instructor provides instruction in elements of theatre and how people use theatre to express themselves. Artists work on skills specific to stage acting and skills related to behind the scenes; Stage Makeup, Directing, Writing and Rehearsal.

Vocal Workshop/Studio  Artists receive guidance in using the voice as an instrument during vocal workshops. In Studio Artist select a vocal piece individually to work on for 13-weeks, it may be a song, a poem, a rant or a monologue.