Clay/Ceramic Arts   The Clay/Ceramic Arts Teacher provides instruction in foundations of clay hand-building, the process of converting raw clay into ceramics via kiln firing, glazing, and elements of art history related to the lesson.  The Clay/Ceramic Arts Teacher supports EC artists working in clay (and other visual arts) during their Personal Projects class in studio 1.

Media Arts   This is a new component, providing instruction in the use of new technology for both performing arts and visual arts. There is no one staff fully responsible for this component.

Digital Arts (Lesson)
Internet and Social Media (Practice)
Video Production (Practice)

Music   The Performance/Music History Teacher provides instruction in history and appreciation of music, understanding how people use music to express themselves, and how that varies across cultures, regions, and time.  The artists also receive guidance in using the voice as an instrument, with very basic music theory, during the Performance class.  The Performance/Music History Teacher provides support to artists working on music-based Personal Projects, and acts as a sort of Producer for client-directed music videos.

Music History & Appreciation (Lesson)
Performance (Practice)

Personal Projects (Studio/Practice only)  The Personal Projects component is the foundation of the artists work.  During Personal Projects classes, the artists are planning and working on their own works, with support from all EC staff.  Visual arts projects (drawing, painting, sculpture) are generally solo works in studio 1.  In studio 2, artists work most often on group performing arts projects, videos of theatrical or music projects. Artists may also work on solo performing arts projects, like an artist writing lyrics or a rap, or singing a new song.

Visual Arts projects, individual
Performing Arts projects, individual and group-work

Theatre Arts  The Theatre Arts Teacher provides instruction in elements of the theatre and how people use theatre to express themselves. Lessons are provided through games and discussions, and directing artists through production (creation to presentation) of staged performances. The Theatre Arts Teacher also acts as sort of Director and Stage Manager during theatrical group Personal Projects in studio 2 on Mondays, like webisodes, videos of puppet theatre, shadow theatre, one-acts, etc.

Visual Arts   The Visual Arts Teaching Intern provides instruction in new concepts, media, and methods in two-dimensional visual arts. Lessons are also planned which provide refreshers of old concepts, media, and methods. The Visual Arts Teaching Intern supports artists working in studio 1 during their Personal Projects.