Cecilia is a visual artist in Merced, CA from Mexico that joined the EC in 2019. Cecilia discovered early on that she loves painting, during the shelter-in-place mandate of 2020 she took a collaging workshop and developed her unique collaging method. Cecilia would like her identity to be unknown unless someone attends her receptions. She is a fluent Spanish speaker and loves the band Bronco.


I like to paint, it’s my favorite form of art, but I also create collages. I reference fruits, I think fruits are something many of us have an early memory of, for example the plastic fruit display at the center of the table. From my interactions at events and talking to other artists with a similar background growing up in a latino household with lots of fruit decorations, I’m happy my work is relatable to others. I like being the fruit lady at work, everybody knows it’s me if they see my fruits. I’m starting to explore vegetables, I cook a lot and think people that cook might like some vegetables in their kitchen.

Currently, I work in acrylics or collaging, I’ll do one project a painting and the next a collage, alternating between the two so that I don’t get bored. It takes me 4-6 months to complete a collage, so you can imagine I’d want a break from it. I’m also building my skills in ceramics, I have a love for ceramics and it goes back to those fond memories of growing up with small glass and ceramic decorations around the house.

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