Jose Miguel has been with the EC since 2006, he is a vocalist– performing mostly romantic songs in Spanish. Ah romance… Jose is a big fan of romance. Jose is also a writer, he writes romantic poems and stories, love songs, letters and recipe books. Jose love cinnamon rolls.  


Where do I start, let’s see. I love digital art, I studied from Paul Longo, an awesome friend and digital artist that taught me how to use the tablet. I think I see myself as a guy who likes to make art, but I really don’t like getting messy and maybe that’s why I love using the tablet. I can make art, but not worry about getting messy hands or needing to wash brushes or tools, and I can use all the paper I want because it’s digital.

I’m not sure what inspires me, I know I like the local police, I would have liked to be a Sheriff or be the new Supervisor at program. In my art, I make a lot of buses, jails, police cars and of course cinnamon rolls. I also like making houses and drawing my girlfriend. I’d like to make more romantic art, I think that’s what I want to do in the future.

As a writer I’d like to someday perform my songs with a band, I think that would be really cool, have a band while I sing. I love exploring a romantic performance when I sing like having a flower to give to my girlfriend and bring her up to stage while I’m performing. I just love romance. I don’t see making art or writing as easy, sometimes I have a hard time getting started, but I love to do it anyway.

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