Jazmin Bautista


Jazmin is a visual and performing artist that joined the EC in 2017. Jazmin is a prolific portrait artist, she finds endless muses in popular culture, people around her and musicians like Austin Mahone and Big Time Rush.


I like to draw, I draw people sometimes I choose references and sometimes I imagine a portrait. I’m a big fan of My Hero Academia and other mangas. I love looking through and seeing the different characters and how they are portrayed.

Currently, I create portraits of monsters I imagined like my eyeball monster and a comedic character I call Devilbaby. I create art that shows the many funny things Devilbaby does like play the keyboard and go shopping at the store. When people look at my art I want them to feel. For example, if it’s scary I want them to feel scared and if it’s funny I want them to find it funny.