Daniel joined the EC in 2022, he is a visual artists that chooses to be known as Daniel and keeps his identity a mystery to the general public because he does not want to become famous, he just wants his art to be seen and to make art in peace. Daniel is thoughtful and is generally concerned for everyone’s well being. When he can he likes to be alone, he values the moments where there is pause in sound and enjoys silence.


Right now I am learning, I don’t know if I’m a good artist or not, but I’m trying and it is something hard to do. I reference animals because I am learning, I think landscapes are somewhat boring and I like being alone so there isn’t really a person I’d like to make portraits of. Animals make it so I can decide I found a cool reference and I can practice. In my journey right now, I am taking whatever workshops I can that will teach me how to use a medium, that way I can decide whether I like it or not. I like digital art and colored pencils right now, painting is not for me, maybe in a couple of years I’ll like painting.