2014 Holiday Ornaments

141202_ornaments_hanging 02_web
Rows and rows of letters strung and hung and ready for sale!

Here they are:  the 2014 Enrichment Center ornament… LETTERS.

This year, the EC artists’ ornaments offer a new way to personalize your holiday (or any-day) gift giving and decorating. Our 2014 ornaments go everywhere! On inside trees and outside trees, garland, gifts, and stockings… boxes, bags, hooks and bottles… chains, pins, collars, and key fobs. Personalize your holiday gifts this season, with handmade ceramic letters which can be used year-round.

The letters have been cut from slabs of firing clay and decorated by the artists of the Enrichment Center, with imprints and relief.  They (the letters, not the artists!) were then fired to bisque in our kiln. The artists then spent two weeks painting the letters with glaze, before firing up the kiln again during the week of Thanksgiving. 

141202_ornaments_fired 01_web 141202_ornaments_fired 02_web

We’ve been equipping each ornament with a raffia hanger and a holiday tag featuring the art of Oscar Onsurez.  The letters measure approximately 3″ tall and range from 1.5″ to 3″ wide. Thickness varies with decoration, from 0.5″ to 1″.

We’ll be selling them for $2.50 each, with a deal of 5 ornaments for $10. (Buy 4, get 1 free)

We’ll be selling the ornaments during business hours (9am to 3:30pm) or by arrangement.  We’ll also be selling this weekend at:

Holiday Artisan Fair
Friday Dec 5th (3-7pm) + Saturday, Dec 6th (10am-2:30pm)
Multicultural Arts Center / 645 W. Main Street / Merced, CA

We’ll also be closing out our inventory of sgraffito tiles, nerikomi vases, necklaces, note cards, and ceramic squirrels.  All funds go toward the purchase of new materials for the artists.

141126_ornaments_promo 1_web

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