New Street Art Installations for Art Hop

Clay/Ceramics teacher Kristine was out with Visual Arts teacher Sophia, and a crew of EC artists (James Brizendine, Lupe Chavez, Oscar Onsurez, Richard Chavez, Jose Salgado, and Yadira Prado), installing some new street art in downtown Merced, to coincide with Merced Art Hop this Saturday, April 19th.  Post a photo to social media, #ECArtists. And, if you’re in Merced, go downtown and check out Art Hop from 5-9pm. Visit the Art Hop website for more information.


140418_streetart_arthop 02_web
One of our snails has someone cornered. It’s cool man. Don’t freak out. We just want to be friends.
140418_streetart_arthop 01_web
Hiding under a bush, you might find a treasure, like this piece by Sophia Mendez, based on Oaxacan story sculpture.



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