One Year Later: The Snail Invasion Continues

One year ago, on the eve of the October 2013 Merced Art Hop, the Enrichment Center rolled out the Snail Invasion—a street art project for the community, with a focus on Downtown Merced.

On Friday, October 17, 2014, the EC artists walked up and down around Main Street in Merced, to make another installation of about 300 snails for this evening’s Art Hop.

Over the last year, the artists of the Enrichment Center have installed thousands of small ceramic snails around Downtown Merced. They’ve been tucked into trees, nooks, and holes in the wall, on window ledges and light posts, under bushes, and on top of signs.

The goal of the project is to remind the community that art is all around—unexpected and in the darnedest of places.  A window, a light post, a bush, a sign, a tree…

Here are two snails photographed on Friday, October 17, 2014. The first is from the October 2013 installation. It’s weathered, but still hanging on (or in)! The second is part of the new installation.

One of the first ceramic snails installed in October 2013, photographed still in place in October 2014.

One of the first ceramic snails installed in October 2013, photographed still in place in October 2014.

One of the most recently installed snails, October 2014.

One of the most recently installed snails, October 2014.

When you see a snail, snap a photo and post it to social media—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. #ECSnails, #ECArtists, #MercedSnails, #SnailInvasion.

Snail Hunt

We hope you like our street art snails. We made them just for you.

If you love one so much, that you can’t help but take it with you, we totally understand.

1. Give it a nice home, with lots of love.

2. Post a photo of your new friend, with a tag like #ECSnails, #ECArtists, #MercedSnails, #SnailInvasion, or even #Snails.

The EC artists are checking Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to see if any of their snails have been seen.

Happy hunting!

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ARTAGEDDON at the Arts Center

ARTAGEDDON at the Arts Center

The Merced County Arts Council is throwing it’s first ever Artageddon event.

The challenge:  You have four hours to paint, using only the materials you are given.  Weeks later, comes the competition… a single elimination tournament, judged by the audience.  Winners move on to the next bout, and losers… are destroyed!!! The Wheel of Death determines the mode of destruction, and only an audience member’s purchase will save the painting.  The winning painting not only survives destruction, but earns $500 for it’s creator.

131009_mcac_artageddon_spock v kirk

This is mega-exciting, and we cannot wait!

Snail Invasion: Installing The First Wave

Some photos of a few of the artists installing the Snail Invasion street art project.

131004_snails_03b 131004_snails_08 131004_snails_07a 131004_snails_05

From left to right, Oscar Onsurez, Ivan Hernandez, Yadira Prado, and Richard Chavez were in my group.  Since I had the camera, they’re the ones getting famous today.  Oh well… more installations to come.

This is a series, showing how you might miss the art around you, if you’re not paying attention.

100_4483 100_4484 100_4485

Here are some photos of the snails in place.

131004_snails_01 131004_snails_02a 131004_snails_04b 131004_snails_06b 131004_snails_11 131004_snails_13 131004_snails_16b 131004_snails_17