ARTAGEDDON at the Arts Center

ARTAGEDDON at the Arts Center

The Merced County Arts Council is throwing it’s first ever Artageddon event.

The challenge:  You have four hours to paint, using only the materials you are given.  Weeks later, comes the competition… a single elimination tournament, judged by the audience.  Winners move on to the next bout, and losers… are destroyed!!! The Wheel of Death determines the mode of destruction, and only an audience member’s purchase will save the painting.  The winning painting not only survives destruction, but earns $500 for it’s creator.

131009_mcac_artageddon_spock v kirk

This is mega-exciting, and we cannot wait!

Enrichment Center Advice for Royal Baby George

The EC artists followed the royal pregnancy in its final weeks, wondering when the baby would come, and if it would be a boy or girl… a king or queen. When a baby boy was born to William and Kate in July 2013, the EC artists wondered about the kind of person he would grow up to be. Would he benefit from his late grandmother’s influence on his dad? Would he be pampered and spoiled into royal snootiness, like his grandfather? Would he be King?… So, we pondered the advice we would give, to make him a good king, and a cool, well-rounded guy.

“Brave, but foolish,” said the Sphinx

In late May 2013, the Enrichment Center Theatre Arts component completed production of it’s “theatrical trailer” for Ed the King, a take on Oedipus Rex.  

James Brizendine………… Ed the King

Hilda Cotta………………….Tiresias, the Blind and Wise

Ivan Hernandez……………The Sphinx

Eric Thompson…………….Young Ed

Jose Miguel Castaneda…. First Man at the Sphinx / Young Ed’s Father

Richard Chavez…………… Wizard

Calixta Perez……………….Queen

Sofia Mendez……………….Ed’s son

Anna Reyna………………..Person who crowns Young Ed

and as the Starving Masses:

Juan Betancourt, Calixta Perez, Maria Chavez, Sofia Mendez, Danette Rizzonelli, Shirley Brizendine, Marlen Hernandez

Paint-Your-Own Pottery

130412_pyop_bisque 05

Unfinished pottery (bisque) on the shelf, waiting to be painted.

Our Art for the Heart workshops were so popular, with participants reporting so much enjoyment from the experience that we decided to start a   new project:  Paint-Your-Own Pottery workshops.

Links to some of our flyers for the workshops:
130412_PYOP_flyer_red            130329_PYOP_flyer_simple            130407_PYOP_flyer_dads_02

Just in time for Mother’s Day! The Enrichment Center will be hosting two pottery painting workshops at the Multicultural Arts Center, 645 W. Main St. in Merced, CA.

Thursday, April 25th     6-8pm

Saturday, April 27th    12-2pm

Since this is our first workshop, we weren’t sure how much of what type of bisque to order. However, Mother’s Day seemed like a safe theme to focus on cups/mugs, vases, and frames. We designed our selection to provide participants with a variety of styles and prices to choose from. The EC will provide an introduction to the materials, guidance throughout, and everything you need to paint your pottery– glaze (paint), brushes, water, towels.

130414_PYOP_red flyer thumb for webHow it works:

Step 1: Register for one of the workshops.
$9 member / $10 non-member
Register a table of 8 and SAVE 20%
$57.60 member / $64 non-member

Step 2: Purchase your pottery at the workshop
Prices will range from $5 to $20 plus tax.

Step 3: Choose your colors. We’ll give you an introduction to glaze
(paint), how it works, and how to get the results you’re
looking for. We’ll set you up with the colors you’ve chosen,
and everything you need to start painting.

Step 4: Paint your pottery. Workshops are 2 hours long. We’ll be

available to provide guidance throughout the workshop.  At the end
of the workshop, leave your pottery with us, along with your
contact information.

Step 5: We’ll fire the pottery in our kiln.  Finished pottery will be ready for pick up
by Saturday, May 4th.

Be prepared for Mother’s Day, upcoming birthdays, even get a jump on Father’s Day.

Register now! Space is limited, and we will not be taking walk-in’s.

To register, pick up or print the April 2013 Paint Your Own Pottery Registration Form and bring it in with your payment to the Multicultural Arts Center, 645 W. Main St., Merced, CA.   The Enrichment Center office is in room 6 on the 3rd floor, but you can also register in the Arts Council’s business office on the 2nd floor.

For more information, email us at or call us at (209) 388-1162.