Friday Opinion Poll #4

On Wednesday, April 23rd, William Shakespeare would have been 450 years old.  Happy belated birthday, Bill!  In his honor, we have dedicated today’s poll to THEATRE.


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Poll #3 Results: Do Doodle that Doodle that you Doodle So Well

Doodling is one of those things that proves that art is in the DNA– it’s a way of understanding, processing, and expressing. So what do YOU doodle when you doodle? We offered five categories in the poll, as well as an “other” category.  Respondents were allowed to tick off as many categories as appropriate.  Here are the results:

67% of respondents doodle Letters, Lines, and Shapes

50% doodle People and Figures, other than themselves

34% doodle themselves– Self Portraits

17% doodle Plants and/or Animals

and in the “Other” category?… Food!

"Geometric Letter Landscape Doodle" from, credited to
“Geometric Letter Landscape Doodle” from, credited to




Friday Opinion Poll #2

The County Election by George Caleb Bingham
The County Election by George Caleb Bingham

Introducing the new Enrichment Center Opinion Poll. The artists are curious about other artists and art lovers. So, every Friday, we will be asking a new question. Last Friday, we asked what your canvas preferences were– pre-stretched canvas, canvas panel, or stretch-your-own.  Here is a link to today’s opinion poll, which asks about your FAVORITE ARTIST.