Visual Arts



(As items sell, we’ll remove them from the galleries.)


Like all of the works in these galleries, our bread/fruit bowls are decorated with a combination of monoprint and slip trailing techniques. The artists used colored slip to paint their designs on paper, which was then placed onto the unfired clay. After carefully rubbing the paper to get the full imprint (without breaking the work), the paper was pulled away to reveal the design. After firing to bisque, each piece was sealed with clear glaze for a final firing, creating the final product.


Cheese boards are double-sided, and each side is a work of art. While you may be thinking of beautifying your own table, imagine the gifting. For that party coming up– the special one… the one where you want to make a splash– you could be one of a dozen who brings a dessert or a bottle of wine… or you could be the one who brings a beautiful cheese board laden with goodies for the guests and a work of art for the hosts.

JEWELRY:  Necklaces and some earrings

EC jewelry is made with handmade beads. No two beads are the same, even when made by the same hands, in the same studio hour. They are perfectly imperfect.
Most of the beads used are ceramic– made with firing clay, and fired to bisque in our kiln. Then glazed, and fired again. If you know how persnickety glazed ceramics are in the kiln, then you can imagine a kiln loaded, shelf after shelf, with glazed beads which have been meticulously cleaned, and strung carefully on our handmade stilts and bead racks (you rock Kristine!)… you have no idea how much nichrome wire we go through….


Originally designed as toothpick holders, when these tiny vessels came out of the kiln, they were soon identified as potentially awesome shot glasses. To each their own. They’re cool. They’re adorable. They’re useful and affordable.