Over the years the EC Artists have worked on several Theatre Projects, taking part in the full aspect of each performance; writing, acting, lighting, filming, stage makeup, costuming, sound and editing.

March 2017

The Enrichment Center presents “King Trump, Emperor of the Universe,” Volume 1 a collection of webisodes inspired by Saturday Night Live skits. Written and performed by the EC Artists, under the direction of Theatre Arts Instructor Jim Bennett and Performing Arts Instructor Eulalia Gamez. 

October 2016

The Enrichment Center’s silent film production The Detective, starring Oscar Onsurez, with Eric Thompson, Jose Salgado, Luiz Gomez, and Sue Thao, under the direction of Theatre Arts teacher Jim Bennett.

February 2016

Boyfriends, girlfriends, boyfriends looking for girlfriends, and one boyfriend who married his girlfriend. Their stories, told personally and artfully, through video testimonials and puppet theater, with stop motion video and digital art by EC artist Anne Marsh. Happy Valentine’s Day 2016 from the artists of the Enrichment Center!

November 2015

The Enrichment Center presents an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in a series of webisodes. In this webisode (and just in time for Dia de los Muertos), Horatio and two guards are surprised to encounter the ghost of King Hamlet.

December 2014

The Enrichment Center’s Christmas tales for your holiday enjoyment. Special thanks to our actors and Theatre Arts teacher Colton Dennis for his direction, guidance, and editing. Actors: Juan B., James B., Hilda C., Richard C., Robert G., Marlen H., Oscar O., Denise S., Eric T.

May 2013

“Ed the King” (Oedipus Rex) performed as a theatrical trailer by the artists of the Enrichment Center– an arts-based adult day program of the Merced County Arts Council. Produced and Directed by the teacher of the Theatre Arts component, Jim Bennett. Actors: James Brizendine (Ed the King), Hilda Cotta (Tiresias, the Blind and Wise), Ivan Hernandez (The Sphinx), Eric Thompson (Young Ed), Jose Miguel Castaneda (1st Person at Sphinx / Young Ed’s Father), Calixta Perez (Queen), Sofia Mendez (Ed’s son), Anna Reyna (Crowns Young Ed), and as the Starving Masses: Juan Betancourt, Calixta Perez, Maria Chavez, Sofia Mendez, Danette Rizzonelli, Shirley Brizendine, Marlen Hernandez.

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