Alicia joined the EC in 2019, she had previously left the EC to move to the Bay Area. Alicia is a Visual and Performing Artist, working primarily in watercolor, color pencils and digital art. Alicia is inspired by sculptures made of clay, her favorite musicians like ABBA, Celine Dion and Michael Jackson. Alicia is a passionate performer often auditioning for primary roles in plays and musicals. Alicia incorporates her love of dancing to her performance using dramatic hand gestures. Alicia wants people to feel happy when they look at her artwork.


Alicia’s current artwork is of people she knows and people she’d like to meet. Alicia is exploring expression in her artwork, by making art to reflect the people she is worried about. Alicia’s previous work is reflective of her love for princesses, animals and home. In early 2022, Alicia’s mother had a surgery and Alicia painted her mom and herself together with butterflies and flowers. Alicia is working in the EC Studio and At-Home with support from the MCAC-EC, CVRC and her family.


December 1th, 2021 – January 9th, 2022

21 Artists in the Studio

Multicultural Arts Center, Merced, CA

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